About Jen



Capturing the rich details in life, lights me up. Empowering transformation through my lens is what moves me. Helping you express your true self with ease and joy is my mission

But let’s talk about YOU. 


* You’re a heart centered entrepreneur with a mission to leave your mark

* You value your image and you want it to say; “I AM THE BEST AT WHAT I DO!” 

* You want your clients to get you and hire you without a second thought

* You’re not afraid to invest to transform and up level your business and life 

* And most of all, you want your personal brand to SHINE with confidence 

* Does your brand photography reflect YOU?

* You’re a badass at what you do, but do your brand images tell a different story? 

I’m Jen (with one N) :), a brand photographer on a mission to transform your brand image and help you create magnetic images to attract your ideal clients with powerful confidence. Yes, it’s time to kiss those cookie cutter stock images buh’ bye forever and create your own. 

Today more than ever, your clients are hungry to connect with your true essence. They need to see you, feel you and get you in an instant. And that’s exactly what I’m here to do. 

Let’s create your powerful personal brand photos with confidence and ease.


Up leveling your image, your business and your personal brandIt’s a big deal!

Letting yourself be seen and vulnerable… It is crazy intimidating… I’ve been there and I get it. It will be each time you’re ready to transform to the next level, but the cool thing is you’re here and you’re ready

Can I be real with you? 

I was scared to really put myself out there, up level, and value my own image…. It was through you, my clients, subjects and travels that I realized I needed to embrace the power of self love to become the powerful brand photographer I am today. 

If you want the down and dirty of my own raw transformation, I wrote a book… Mind, Body, Soulmate reflects this profound journey and is a guide for others going through big life transitions as well. 

Today, it’s all about YOU. 

It’s time for your personal brand to show your courageous, wild, powerful, authentic, purposeful and confident self.

My Approach


There’s a lot more to the experience of a brand photography session than just taking pictures.The emotional side of photography is crucial to get a true reflection of one’s spirit, how others see you and most importantly how you see yourself. 

It’s your beauty with all your  “I’Mperfections” that make you unique, human and relatable. And that, my friend is my mission ~ to bring out the unique in you! 

I see you; the crinkle in your nose, the freckles across your cheek, your beauty, strength, softness and rawness, it’s all you and it’s what your clients want to see too. 

My genius is creating that fun, carefree and safe space to help you to embrace your inner and outer beauty, your power, confidence, and to be unapologetically you… while I capture that essence as stunning brand images.  

When we work together you can expect a lot more than just photos. Your personal brand transformation begins the minute we jump on a call. 

A bit more about my experience

I found a camera by my side ever since I was little, it’s almost like I was born for it. My passion became a part-time profession in 2004 and in 2013 I made it my full time love after my 12 year career in the Neurological Medical device industry came to a close. 

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to photograph cherished family and private moments, corporate events, international retreats and amazing brand stories. 💖

I’d be lying if I didn’t share that some of my favorites were capturing images of inspired entrepreneurs, conscious businesses, yoga instructors and thought leaders in the most exotic of places.

It’s been a blessing capturing magical images of my clients in the desert of Morocco, the rice fields of Bali, the beaches of Australia, the jungles of Peru, the busy streets of Istanbul, the quaint alleys of Barcelona and the mountains of Switzerland 

And the best is yet to come! What exotic location are you headed to? Me, my camera and my passport will gladly join you. 

Who’s Jen

World traveler 32 countries and counting… 😁

Yoga Instructor 

Author of Mind, Body, Soulmate 

Nature is my happy place

Giddy over the itty bitty details of life (like heart rocks)

LOVE dancing like nobody’s watching 

Double Pisces and Taurus…highly empathic 

Grew up a military kid and horses were my saving grace & best friends

Passionate about health and wellness balanced with a good quality tequila

I gravitate to the conscious-minded, esoteric, boho “woo” world 

I think laughing and smiles are people’s truest selves ignited

Last, but not least…  

Spending QT with my boyfriend and his 3 teenagers fulfills my nurturing side

“Don’t let one more client leave your site because they didn’t connect with your brand images. Show up as the powerful, confident entrepreneur you are. I’m here to help!”

Let’s create your personal brand magic.




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