Mind, Body, Soul(mate)

Successful, single, and still looking?

Raised in the nomadic world of a military brat, Jennifer MacNiven found identity and stability in being perfect. The catalyst? Winning Little Miss Junior Colorado. Becoming a pageant princess transformed her from a carefree tomboy into a pretty people pleaser. Throughout the years, she hid a shattered interior filled with self-loathing and insecurity; a soul broken by bullying, the aftermath of rape, and a brutal attack that could have ended her life.

Despite growing symptoms of PTSD, Jen soldiered on in performing her role: pretty and pleasant. She willed herself through the straight and narrow path of a life that would eventually check all the boxes: education, career, car, house, friends.

Next up? Husband: the final missing piece of the puzzle resembling a complete and successful life.

But at 38, after a string of failed relationships and losing her job, it became clear that the mismatch between her external facade and internal landscape were standing in the way of finding Mr. Right.

Rather than stay on the path, she veered off course, leaving behind everything that she had worked for in search of whatever it was that was missing.

“Mind, Body, Soul(mate)” tells the story of her transformative healing journey, beginning in Bali and traversing the world. In a memoir that echoes the raw vulnerability of “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Untamed”, Jen shares her inspiring path of getting into alignment and coming home to her true self… and an authentic relationship.

But, unlike most stories of self-discovery, Jen invites the reader to come along and begin the deep work necessary to initiate their own transformation. Through journal prompts inspired by her own insightful questioning, the reader will begin to unearth the wounds preventing them from walking their soul’s path and connecting with the love of their life.

In these pages, you’ll gain a new way to look at love by getting to know the intimate details of how a life turned upside down can bring true happiness, a new standard for life and— as an added bonus— an epic soulmate!!

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