“I am on a mission to transform the world by activating the greatness of humanity through the vehicle of health and well-being.” Dr. Krystle Etri is a Naturopathic Doctor who integrates cutting edge modern science with the traditional healing arts. She uses natural modalities, Chinese medicine, herbal therapy, and homeopathy in harmony with the innate wisdom of the body to restore optimum balance. Her core belief is that fine-tuning our physical bodies, the vehicle for our souls, provides the foundation to live life at our highest capacity – passionately and with purpose.

Krystle’s photo session was done in Bali in the vast beauty of an organic farm surrounded by rice fields. The setting was the epitome of what she offers as a physician, sharing health, vibrance, and wellness and the photos reflect that essence.



How to set goals for the real world

If you’re anything like me, which you probably are, you are impatient when it comes to searching for anything on the internet. If I land on a website, even if it’s a really pretty website, and I can’t figure out what they’re selling and why, chances are I will have a...


I don't look good in photographs The camera doesn't like me I'm uncomfortable and do not like having my picture taken How many of you have said this about yourself? As a photographer, this is one of the TOP complaints about people stepping in front of the camera. 95%...

Feeling Confident

"I need to lose 5, 10, 15 lbs first in order to book a photo session" If not #1 it’s the #2 reason people delay or put off doing a photo session… and it makes me sad. So much of my photography business is coaching people about feeling confident with who they are, what...

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