After finishing her 300hr Myofascial Yin Yoga teacher training in Bodrum, Turkey, Aliya decided to spend several more days traveling and chose to check out Istanbul.

I joined her on her journey and traveled all around the city, both the Asian and European sides. On one of the final days, Aliya wanted to do treat herself to a yoga photoshoot to commemorate her hard work, passion and ultimately what she would be teaching for years to come. 

With Istanbul being a Muslim country, it was important to modest and show respect in public places, however, she definitely stood out with her strength and beauty, and definitely wasn’t phased by the onlookers.

We found back streets filled with art work, iconic colorful stairs, the famous Grand bizarre and the waterways dividing the city. 
Her images are filled with color, beauty, power, grace, determination and fun.

What an epic way to capture the spirit of embodiment and the art of practice!