Dr. Juliana

Juliana’s approach to her branding session was to allow her clients to feel that she’s approachable, playful, knowledgable and is fully owning and normalizing sexual health.

Below are a few of the stunning, professional and fun images created for her ongoing social media, marketing and website.

“Historically, sex hasn’t been easy(or fun) to talk about. Especially for women. Truly, for men too. Hell, for ALL OF US. I’m here to change that. I believe in order for us to create a safe, exciting and meaningful sexual culture, we must include all genders and look at sexuality holistically and I’d love to walk alongside you on your journey. Thanks to my conversational approach and sense of humor, people have told me I’m like ‘your best girlfriend…with a PH.D.’ and that working with me is like a great doctor’s appointment…with a glass of wine.”

– Juliana Morris, PhD, LMFT, LPC
Relationship & (S)expert Coach