Wellness Retreats

I will often be brought in to photograph wellness retreats and events, capturing the spirit of the event and creating on-location brand imagery that helps promote future retreats for the healers, coaches, and business leaders I work with. I’ve photographed retreats, events, and conferences in Ibiza, Morocco, Paris, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

There’s nothing like captivating images to entice and inspire someone to invest in a retreat.

Images paint the picture of what a guest will experience on retreat or at an event; making it an irresistible offer that they can’t say no to!

“Jen did an INCREDIBLE job taking event pictures and headshots at the Yoga Teacher Conference. Over 100 headshots were taken throughout the weekend and many people are now using them for their professional photos! The event photos were also spectacular and Jen caught great candid shots that really emphasized the energy of the event. She was professional and had a great attitude and I got my pictures back quickly. I will definitely work with Jen again!”

-Allison R.