lovely notes from our clients:

 “My colleague and I were looking for photos for a new website and podcast… We didn’t know how to portray the energy that we wanted to pop out of the images. Jen was able to tap into exactly what we needed!”

Jen, Jennifer MacNiven, Jennifer MacNiven Photography: call her whatever suits you. What I call her is FANTASTIC.

She had great ideas for props and location and lighting, and the photos are wonderful! We went back for round two a few months ago and are thrilled with the photos. Jen is engaging and creative and generous with her time. I will be eager to refer friends and colleagues or anyone to her because I want to see what she creates with other branding efforts. Look no further— Jen MacNiven is masterful and delightful..


“Jen combines creativity, professionalism, and her deep love and knowledge of photography to create absolute magic!”

 We had her shoot some photos for us and I can’t even tell you how many compliments we got! People LOVED our images! But even outside of those amazing qualities I listed above, there’s something intangible that sets Jen apart from other photographers. She brings an energy to her sessions that brings out the best in you. It’s like she sees you in your best light and is somehow able to capture that through her lens. I highly recommend Jen if you’re looking to get some great photos AND you want to have fun in the process!.


“I am someone who has always dreaded doing a photoshoot. Until I met Jennifer.”

Working with her was one of the best experiences I have ever had, and the resulting pictures are amazing. She made me feel so incredibly comfortable, and was able to capture the very best expression of who I am. She is professional, fun, and brilliant at her craft. I could not recommend her more.


“I’ll never use another photographer, whether it be for personal use, or business.  5 stars all around!”

Jen is a humble yet powerful soul who uses her gift to bring her clients true selves to the forefront.  Working with Jen was seamless end to end.  Jen’s process was fluid and organic and she has a true knack for finding the right light, color, energy, and atmosphere to make her clients shine.  I treasure the time my family and I had shooting with Jenn and I will cherish the pictures for a lifetime. 


“Jen has found a balance of creativity, empowerment and spot on ‘OMG! That’s a great idea’ moments in her photo shoots.”

I have done multiple photo shoots with Jen. She is truly a gem.  She lets me come to the shoots with ideas and a vision and takes my starting point and makes it amazing. She took the time to make sure she knew what I wanted I needed in the shoot and then made it 100x better! She worked tirelessly and made every minute fun.

Then I got to see the photos. She captures moments, moods and beauty in places and ways not many find. I am often speechless with the variety she captures and the depth of options of photos I walk away with. Jen is fun, incredibly talented, beyond supportive and her kindness takes away all fears and awkwardness during the shoots. I trust Jen with my visions, with my photos and with my brand.


“She creates a fun, relaxed, no pressure vibe for the photoshoots.”

We love, love, love Jen. She captures our family so beautifully, so we get pictures done every year with her. For families with children, she is SO good with children. Some of our favorite photos are where she captures our children in random, unscripted moments. She always captures our family’s personality. And to top it off she is just a very sweet, fun and genuine person. She’s the best!




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